marți, 5 iulie 2011

dacia 1300 v2

Creator/author: Dacistu
Downloaded: 25x
Size: 4.8 MB

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gta san andreas hd mod

Sweet mother of mercy; is that a screenshot from Grand Theft Auto or Need for Speed? I never thought I’d be drooling over the graphics of a six year old game, but the GTA San Andreas HD mod features some jaw-dropping cars.

The HD mod preserves the original San Andreas gameplay while enhancing the visuals with new textures, vehicles, effects, weather, weapons, sounds, and more. Configurable graphic settings allow high-end computer gamers to savor the full HD quality, while still granting a playable experience for those with older rigs.

This mod features:

-Hi-poly car models
-Enhanced reflections
-Improved smoke, explosions, fire effects
-Pixel shader 3.0 supported
-Compatibility with previous save games
-New hi-poly pedestrians
-New wheels
-New accessories for vehicles
-New clothes for CJ
-Motion blur
-New vegetation
-New handling.dat
-More cars and pedestrians on the streets

Behold, and weep as you realize these beauties will be jacked, smashed, flipped, riddled with bullets, and eventually reduced to a smoldering pile of scrap

download link: